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About Us

Nyoongar Outreach Services Incorporated (NOS) is an Aboriginal not for profit organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Originally founded as a response to issues identified in Northbridge, NOS has grown to provide community based services right across the Perth metropolitan area including Northbridge, Burswood, Fremantle, Midland, Belmont and Vincent, along the south-eastern corridor to Armadale and also in the Northern Corridor.

NOS works to support with and on behalf of:

·       Aboriginal people in public places

·       Young Aboriginal people at risk

·       Aboriginal people in public spaces who are homeless, ill or unsafe

·       Displaced people

·       Groups at high risk from predators, physical damage and becoming involved in the criminal justice system; and

·       The general population

NOS promotes and fosters self-respect and trust in our clients, influencing them to make better choices in their lives and access the valuable services available to them. It supports people to make their own decisions about their future and provides the connections and support to make positive changes to their lives, whether that’s in education, health, mental, health, family connections accommodation or lifestyle.

We achieve these services by working closely and collaboratively with Government agencies and other not-for-profit services.

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Our Objectives

·       To provide outreach services with partner Councils and Agencies to increase safety and harmony for ALL members of the community.

·       To engage and refer people (in outreach target areas) to the relevant agencies and/or implement diversionary or safety measures.

·       To promote partnership and co-operation with other organisations to ensure appropriate, effective responses in service provisions.

·       To maintain the strong reputation of the organisation and enhance respect for the Aboriginal community.

·       To remain a strong viable organisation.

·       To continue to develop and improve comprehensive client support models.

A Brief History

Nyoongar Outreach Services was established as Nyoongar Patrol Systems in 1998 and incorporated in 2001. The service was initiated by a group of Aboriginal people, government and non-government agencies with a vision of providing culturally appropriate services to young unsupervised people who were at risk of moral danger and coming into contact with the criminal justice system. Originally the service focused solely on the night precinct of Northbridge, however, has over the years expanded both geographically and in breadth of service to be an integral and widely recognised and respected Aboriginal Not-for-profit organisation.

It is the only night and day Aboriginal outreach service that provides outreach support outside the traditional working hours to the service target areas in the Perth metropolitan area.

Our Activities

Our Outreach services involve engaging and assisting people in NOS service target areas by providing:

·       Support to at risk Aboriginal people and assist in conflict resolution in public spaces

·       Transport services for at risk Aboriginal people from public places to safe and/or appropriate locations

·       Information and referrals to appropriate agencies to assist with unmet social needs

·       Assistance for displaced Aboriginal people to access services and/or transportation

·       Support to people who are homeless to access short, medium and long term solutions

·       We participate in local government community safety plans and provide informed Aboriginal perspective to safety strategies

·       Follow-up clients in need or at risk, including working with family members to identify support needs and make referrals to appropriate agencies.

In addition, we also provide specific youth services including the following:

·       Support and assistance to unsupervised young people in public spaces who are at risk and in moral danger or require social and welfare assistance.

·       A first point of contact for young people who are likely to become a victim or perpetrator of crime with conflict resolution, mediation and transport diversion to a safer place.

·       Referrals and transport services to at risk young people, people who need to go to safe places, homeless persons and unsupervised young people who fall under the State Youth at Risk Policy.

·       We are an active participant in the Northbridge Youth at Risk Service initiative.

·       We link up and provide input with youth agencies to enable young people improved access to constructive activities

·       Case management services to young people

·       requiring engagement support through our Youth Engagement Support Program.

Our Services

Outreach Service Programs Pocket Card: View Brochure

Outreach Service Programs: View Brochure

Youth Outreach Programs: View Brochure

Contact Us

Our contact details are as follows:

Phone: (08) 9228 4211
Fax: (08) 9228 3743
Office Address: 35 - 37 Gladstone Street Perth WA 6004
Postal Address: PO Box 8202 Stirling Street Perth WA 6849

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